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13.4 memcached

This library allows access to memcached servers.

13.4.1 Dependencies

None. A specialized version of libmemcache (originally by Sean Chittenden) is included in the directory. Please see memcache.c and memcache.h for details

13.4.2 Function list mc_new

mc_new() mc_server_add

mc_server_add4(lv_mc,lv_host) mc_add

mc_add(lv_mc, lv_key, lv_val, lv_bytes) 
mc_add_str(lv_mc, lv_key, lv_val) mc_replace

mc_replace(lv_mc, lv_key, lv_val, lv_bytes) 
mc_replace_str(lv_mc, lv_key, lv_val) mv_req_new

mc_req_new() mv_req_add

mc_req_add(lv_req, lv_key) mv_get

mc_get(lv_mc, lv_req) mc_aget

mc_aget_rec(lv_mc,lv_key,lv_optr,lv_size) mv_set

mc_set(lv_mc, lv_key, lv_val, lv_bytes) 
mc_set_str(lv_mc, lv_key, lv_val) mv_res_free

mc_res_free_on_delete(lv_res, lv_yesno) 
mc_res_free(lv_req, lv_res) mv_stats

mc_stats(lv_mc) mv_delete

mc_delete(lv_mc, lv_key) mc_incr

mc_incr(lv_mc, lv_key, lv_ival) mc_decr

mc_decr(lv_mc, lv_key, lv_ival) mc_free(lv_mc) 
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