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16.4 Ventas Display Client

16.4.1 Linux

Note : On Linux we recommend compiling from source if possible. Source

Make sure you have the QT development libraries installed and get the source from SVN:
$ svn co\
/svnroot/aubit4gl/trunk/remote_ui remote_ui
$ cd remote_ui/QT
$ qmake
$ make Binary

Don’t do it!

16.4.2 Windows Source

You will need QT installed - make sure QT downloads the Mingw compiler also if you do not have that already installed.
Start a DOS command window from the QT command prompt (Start->All Programs->QT open source->QT command prompt)
Obtain the current code from the svn repository :
svn co\
  svnroot/aubit4gl/trunk/remote_ui/QT QT
or grab the latest client tarball.
cd to the top of the tree (should contain the file) and execute qmake. This is a program provided by the QT development tools which creates a makefile.
After qmake finishes - execute make, and you should end up with client.exe Binary

The current binary should be available from the front page at
Install this to c:\aubit. DBPATH should be set to include c:\aubit so that the Client can pick up any image files it needs.
These images should be in c:\aubit\pics or c:\aubit\images (or you add further directories to DBPATH for your own images).
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