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17.4 Printing generated reports

What’s really nice is that with most Linux distributions include the ability to print PDF / PS files direct to the printer!
From :
"Apsfilter supports PS (Postscript) printer and non-PS capable printer by using Ghostscript as PS emulator. So if you have a non-expensive color DeskJet printer, Apsfilter and Ghostscript enhance your printers capabilities, that you’ll get a Color Postscript Printer in return for free ! "
This one is especially important for running Aubit on any kind of remote display:
"Printing on locally connected, network printer, as well as on Unix-, Windows-and AppleTalk remote printer is supported. "
"apsfilter is a filter designed for use on a wide variety of Unices. It supports essentially all Ghostscript drivers. It, too, works with various strains of LPD, including stock BSD and LPRng. At the moment, this is probably the best third-party system around for non-PostScript printers"
Apsfilter V 6.0 Filetype Support lists PDF, and many other file types supported:
Also see :
"A UNIX printing system (with sample drivers for HP, EPSON, and OKIDATA printers) based on the Internet Printing Protocol. CUPS is the basis for ESP Print Pro and is being considered as the standard printing system for a number of commercial and free UNIX operating systems. CUPS is provided under GNU GPLand LGPL. "
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